PT – Climbing Gym at Big-C Lat Phrao


Opening Hours

everyday 13.00 until 21.00


For non members (including equipment): 290 Baht
Climbing with a partner: 190 Baht per person
Membership 3/6/12 Month - Please call me for details.

Rental Equipment

Complete: 150 Baht
(Shoes/Harness/Chalk bag/Belay device)
Shoes: 100 Baht
Harness: 50 Baht
Belay device: 20 Baht

Belay Service

If you come without a climbing partnter I offer a belay service for 100 Baht / Hour.

Each service is for the whole day, meaning you can come at opening and stay until close. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me through phone or email.

You'll find 50 routes, ranging from 5a to 7b.

Changing Routes

I completely change the routes every month and make small changes every two weeks. I clean and replace the holds 4 times per year.

  • ChangingClimbingWall_012
  • ChangingClimbingWall_005
  • ChangingClimbingWall_010
  • ChangingClimbingWall_009

Image Gallery: please click on one of the image to enlarge the image.

  • ClimbingWall_010
  • ClimbingWall_003
  • ClimbingWall_008
  • ClimbingWall_004